Graeme College Contact Address

Graeme College Contact Address

Graeme College Contact Address | See details below…

Telephone Number:0466227227

Fax Number:046 6227491

Address: Templeton Drive

P.O.Box: 281 Grahamstown 6140

Telephone Number: 0466227227

Fax Number: 046 6227491

SMSWeb and iBambisa

Graeme College currently uses SMSWeb to communicate with parents.  The service allows the school to send messages, which are received via SMS, with regards to changes in extra-mural activities or reminders about functions.

 Now with the use of applications like Whatsapp and others, messaging has become easier and cheaper. SMSWeb has developed an app called iBambisa which provides an interactive platform to communicate with parents and/or learners.

 Like the current SMS service, iBambisa is a one-way communication facility which limits the amount of back-and-forth messaging which is currently found on the other messaging apps.

When a message is sent from the school, parents with the iBambisa app will receive the message via the app and the school (and therefore the parents) will subsequently not be charged for the message. The app also allows the teachers/coaches to create and share calendar events which are communicated to group members.  It is a free-download app which allows parents with app-enabled phones to download and start using the app.

You will still receive SMS communication from the school if you do not have the app on your phone.

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