The Hill High School Subjects Offered

The Hill High School Subjects Offered

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COMPULSORY: (4 subjects)
English – Home language
Afrikaans – 1st Additional language,
Mathematics (core maths) OR Mathematical literacy (maths-lit) &
Life Orientation (LO).

ELECTIVES ON OFFER: (select 3 subjects)
Business Studies
Computer-Aided Technology (CAT)
Design (focussing on graphic design)
Life Sciences (Biology),
Physical Sciences

Foreign languages (e.g. German) and additional languages with external providers are possible at an additional fee, subject to departmental guidelines being met.

Please note – a subject selection may require specific combinations, e.g. physical sciences can only be taken with mathematics and not mathematical literacy. Subject combinations and availability are in some cases regulated by timetabling.

If you require any further information, inquiries, questions, or Issues, feel free to contact Torah Academy School – Contact Details/Information