BASA Tutorial Institute Application Form 2023-2024

BASA Tutorial Institute Application Form 2023-2024

BASA Tutorial Institute Application Form 2023-2024

BASA Tutorial Institute Application Form – BASA Tutorial Institute has opened its admission for the 2023-2024 academic year intake. see the details below to apply…

Enrollment is open to all school-going, children. On reception grade (Grade 1), learners should be 6 years of age or turning 6 by the 30th of June of the enrollment year. Our high schools do not admit new learners in Grades 11 or 12.

Please remember to attach all required documents – these documents are listed on the 1st page of the Application Form. Then deposit school fees at any branch of First National Bank. The amount to pay and the bank details are listed on the application form.

Please attach the Bank Deposit Slip to the application form as well. Then bring along all these documents to enrol your child. Each child will need a separate Application Form even in the case of siblings (children of the same family).

The enrollment process should be completed well in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Please Note: No enrolment will be processed with incomplete documentation. Applications with incomplete documentation will be put on a waiting list. Likewise, forms that are returned late will be placed on a waiting list.

No place shall be kept reserved for learners on the waiting list. BASA does not guarantee space for enrolment. Registration takes place on a first-come-first-serve basis. Registration will close as soon as all places are filled.

Upon registration, learners will be allocated to classrooms individually. The newly enrolled learner will then be issued with an Acceptance Letter, signed and stamped by the principal. No learner shall be regarded as registered at any of Our schools UNLESS an Acceptance Letter has been obtained.

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Learners shall report to reception on the first day of school. No learner is allowed to classrooms without permission from the classroom.

Unfortunately, our schools may allow learners to be deregistered. However, pro-rata fees will remain due and payable.

Before you proceed with an application, please click on any of the links below:

Please note that there is no admin fee for 2017.

BASA Tutorial Institute Admission Policy

All our schools are independent co-educational Institutes based on Christian ethos and value(s) established in terms of Section 45 of the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996 read together with Section 29 (3) of the Constitution.

We accept both girls and boys irrespective of colour, race, nationality or ethnic group, to all rights, academic programs and activities common to secondary schools.

We hope to provide a holistic education that will produce responsible community members and citizens.

Criteria for Admission

  1. Prospective applicants must comply with our school rules as outlined in the school code of conduct.
  2. The applicants may be requested to submit a character reference from their former school.
  3. Prospective applicants may be interviewed for academic purposes and placement.
  4. All successful applicants are expected to attend Mondays and Fridays assemblies held by the school and other gatherings that may be called from time to time.

Withdrawal of Admission

Our schools reserve the right to withdraw successful applications at any time under the following circumstances:-

  1. Where the learner is in serious breach of the school Code of Conduct and a suspension or expulsion has been issued and the parent notified of the decision to do so.
  2. Where the learner poses a danger to other learners, is involved in drugs, is referred for rehabilitation but resumes substance abuse after the program.
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Upon enrolment to our schools, both the learner and parent agree to the CODE OF CONDUCT which they are obliged to comply to.


BASA Tutorial Institute Fees 2023-2024

BASA Tutorial Institute Subjects Offered

BASA Tutorial Institute Application Form 2023-2024