The Hill High School Applications, Fees and Subjects 2023-2024

The Hill High School Applications, Fees and Subjects 2023-2024

The Hill High School Fees, Application – See details of the school’s Fee structure, Application forms and list of courses offered…


The college was founded by Mr Nigel Baughne, a progressive science teacher at the time, who felt that there was a need for a more learner-centred school in Port Elizabeth.

The college opened its doors in January 1963 on the 1st floor of the historical Richardson building off the City Square (now Kwantu Towers).

What the historical year 1963 turned out to be, with the assignation of JF Kennedy, Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech and the birth of a school that was to become a leader in its field.

The college eventually moved due to the noise factor from these premises to a stately double-storey house in Park Drive, before settling on the hill in St Patrick’s Street, opposite the old SA Breweries off the then Main Street (Govan Mbeki). In 1999, the college acquired its own premises at 37 Cape Road, where it is still situated.

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The college in its early years was referred to by many as “cram college” due to students being able to complete standards 9 and 10 (grade 11 & 12) in a single year. Many students who had also completed matric, but did not achieve the desired results to gain entry into specialist courses such as medicine, also chose to re-do their matric at the Hill due to its renowned track record and progressive teaching style.

The Hill has since matured into a fully blown FET high school, specializing in grades 10, 11 and 12 (as different years), while always keeping the door open for post-matrics who want to improve their results for university acceptance.

Today Hill College continues to build on its tradition of creating a progressive learning environment, having established itself as the FET school of choice within the Nelson Mandela Bay area.

For information regarding The Hill High School Fee structure, Application and courses shown, contact the institution using the details below:

The admission process

Admission to the college is not automatic. Learners must apply for admission and are subject to a selection process involving an interview with the principal attended by the prospective learner and parent/guardian. The interview is followed by a campus tour to view first-hand the facilities and learning environment on offer.

Careful consideration is given to each application. Important factors that are considered include the student’s high school record, honesty, desirable traits of character, personality and acceptance of self-accountability in line with the ethos and values of the college. No pupil will be refused admission to The Hill College on grounds of race, sex, or religious beliefs.
Prospective students must bring their last academic report and any relevant supporting documents to the interview.

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Attendance of an interview does not automatically imply acceptance. Once an acceptance letter has been received, the applicant’s seat is only confirmed on receipt of the necessary payment deposit.

The College reserves the right to request any additional information before a decision for admission is made. Prospective learners may be required to write an entrance test and a confidential report from the applicant’s previous school Principal may be requested.
Providing false or incomplete information on the application for admission or during the interview process may result in a denial of admission or revocation of the enrolment.

Should a learner’s behaviour be deemed to infringe on the culture, values, of the college, or rights of fellow learners; the college reserves to revoke the enrolment of the offending learner at the end of a term, or academic year. Such a learner will be given a prior warning if the process is being instituted.

Terms and conditions must be signed by parents/guardians before a learner is admitted to the college. All college policies, rules and regulations are available for perusal on our premises by any current learner or prospective learner.

Steps in the application process:

  1. Contact the college and book a time and date for an interview to be attended by the applicant accompanied by at least one parent/guardian. This gives the opportunity for all parties to ask relevant questions, and also the opportunity for the applicants to view the college’s facilities. (Please bring the last set of results/report (s) to the interview)
  2. After the interview, applicants that the college felt could qualify as prospective Hill College learners/students will be given an application form. (no application forms are given without the interview process being completed)
  3. For successful interviewees who wish to apply for enrolment, the application form accompanied by the necessary supporting documentation must be submitted to the college secretary with the accompanying application fee. All successful candidates will be notified in writing (e-mail) within 10 days of their application being received.
  4. On receipt of written acceptance, pay necessary deposits to confirm seat in grade. Please note, that a learner’s place is only confirmed once the full required deposit has been received by the college. Commence attending college per application agreement. (It must be noted that if a grade/class is full due to a delay in the necessary deposits being received, regardless of the acceptance letter – the acceptance can be annulled based on capacity constraints.)

If you require any further information, inquiries, questions, or Issues, feel free to contact Torah Academy School – Contact Details/Information

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School Address

The Hill High School is a public school, located in Johannesburg town, Gauteng Province. For more information please see the school contacts below.

The Hill High School Contacts

School Name: The Hill High School
District Name: Johannesburg South
Gauteng Reference Number: 121137
Emis Number: 700121137
Fee: No
Street No: 1
Street Name: Plinlimmon Road
Township/Village: Hill Extension
Suburb: Johannesburg
City/Town: Johannesburg
Telephone: 0114350362
Cell Phone: 0825535585
District Municipality: City Of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality
Local Municipality: City Of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality
Ward Number: 56
Latitude: -26.24963378
Longitude: 28.06811761