King David School Subjects Offered 2023-2024

King David School Subjects Offered 2023-2024

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King David Schools cater for pupils from pre-school education through to their final national examinations. The School’s aim has always been to be a leader in the education of pupils and to set the pace for educational change.

There is a long history of outstanding Matriculation results with an unbroken record of a 100% pass rate. King David High School are very proud of its academic reputation and is consistently rated as the top achieving school in the country.

We also take very seriously our responsibility to support pupils who have learning challenges. To this end, we have an educational support programme to cater for those pupils who are in need of support structures.

We also offer the extension activities and qualifications of many national competitions and Olympiads and Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English.

A positive work ethic is encouraged and supported by an experienced, highly qualified and dedicated staff. Our pupils sit the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) School leaving qualification which is offered by many independent schools.

We strive to maintain top levels of achievement by writing the ACER international benchmarks as well as internal benchmarking through our Master Maths programme.

In terms of our teaching methodology, our schools, particularly in the junior high grades have embarked on a digital learning programme which allows our pupils to experience the most stimulating and interactive learning environment.