University Of Nairobi (uonbi) Hall 9

University Of Nairobi (uonbi) Hall 9

University Of Nairobi UoNBI Hall 9 – Details:

The University of Nairobi provides limited accommodation for foreign students.  The available rooms are allocated on first come, first served basis.  However, the following privately owned hostel facilities around the university are recommended for students who may not get accommodation within the University. These hostels are within close proximity to the university, students are advised to seek assistance regarding the accommodation from the Dean of Students or the Center for International Programmes & Links.  Some of the hostels & facilities available are listed below with the current corresponding accommodation fee.

S/No. Name Amount (Ksh) Comments
A Main Campus
1 Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) 6,000.00 No meals
2 Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) 6,000.00 Shared/ No meals
3 Metropolitan A Hostel 15,000.00 B/D* (singles)
4 Ngara Hostels (various types) 4,500.00 – 7000.00 B/D* shared to singles
5 Vera Girls Hostel (behind UHS) 8,500.00 With B/D* shared
B Kenyatta National Hospital Campus (CHS)
1 Flora Hostels 10,000.00 B/D*
C Lower Kabete Campus (School of Business)
1 Mabati (iron sheets) houses 2000.00 – 4000.00 Monthly, no meals
2 Single rooms stone houses 4000.00 – 6000.00 Monthly, no meals
3 One Bedroom 8000.00 – 14000.00 Monthly, no meals
4 Double rooms 5,000.00 – 07,500.00 Monthly, no meals
5 Two bedrooms 12000.00 – 15000.00 Monthly, no meals




D Upper Kabete Campus – (CAVS)
1 Ndibuini flats and blocks 5,000.00 – 10,000.00 Singles no meals
2 Uthiru flats and blocks 5,000.00 – 10,000.00 Shared rooms, no meals
E. Kikuyu Campus – (CEES)
1 Flats 5,000.00  – 10,000.00 Shared rooms no meals
2 Flats 7,500.00 – 12,000.00 Single no meals
F Parklands Campus  (School of Law – CHSS)
1 Esgray Hostels Parklands 7,500.00 – 12,000.00 B/D* sharing from 8 to single
2 Bereri Ladies Hostels 6,000.00 – 12,000.00 B/D* sharing from 8 to double 



3 Bereri Hostels 5,000.00 – 9, 


B/D* sharing from 6 to single

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