University Of Johannesburg UJ Faculty of Humanities

University Of Johannesburg UJ Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Humanities Vision, Mission and Values​


A premier Faculty of Humanities, committed to excellence in scholarship and tuition, and to the ideals of human dignity, freedom of expression and the pursuit of knowledge, in order to advance our understanding and to increase the social good.


We are committed to:

  • High-quality programmes;
  • Innovative and committed teaching;
  • Illustrious research outputs;
  • Public, intellectual activities;
  • An intellectually stimulating and culturally diverse environment


  • Academic distinction;
  • Integrity and respect for diversity and human dignity;
  • Academic freedom and accountability;
  • Individuality and collective effort
  • Creation and dissemination of new knowledge​​​​​​​

The Faculty of Humanities strives to: