Christ Baptist Church Seminary Fees Structure

Christ Baptist Church Seminary Fees Structure



All students are required to pay a fee of R5,000 per annum, subject to annual review.

This fee includes tuition, prescribed textbooks, and accommodation and meals when in session.

This fee may be paid annually before the beginning of the first semester in January. An alternative is to pay half the fee before the beginning of the first semester, and the other half before the beginning of the second semester.

This fee is highly subsidized due to sponsorships from the seminary’s partners.

To note, retake of classes and exams will not attract any subsidy. The total cost of the same will be entirely borne by the student.

In case of cancellation or withdrawal before the programme starts, all fees that would have been paid will be refunded in full. But where cancellation or withdrawal occurs when the programme has already started, no fees will be reimbursed for a semester that the student has already undertaken or is currently taking.

In cases where the student would have paid for a semester(s) in advance, the fees for the semester that has not been taken or started will be refunded.

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