Belgium Campus Short Courses

Belgium Campus Short Courses

Study I.T. with a Short Course

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Green Belt
Dates: 4-6 Oct & 22-24 Nov
ISO Compliance: 13053-1&2:2011

Certificate: I.T (Database Development)

Duration: 1 year
NQF: Level 6
Credits: 120

National Certificate: I.T. (Systems Development)

Duration: 1 year
NQF: Level 5
Credits: 131

Foundation Programmes

Our foundation programmes comprise extra classes to assist students to prepare for their Gr11 and Gr12 examinations and to ensure that their maths is at the required level to commence with a higher education degree or diploma.

These classes are at no cost to the student, except for the maths bridging programme- a programme for students who would like to do one of our degree programmes but do not meet the necessary mathematics requirements.


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