Belgium Campus Residence

Belgium Campus Residence


Belgium Campus offers state-of-the-art facilities that accommodate our students and creates a constructive, unique and tailored learning environment. It is our goal to ensure that our students have access to the latest technology and experience world-class education in a fun and comfortable environment.
We believe in equal access to education and offer our students an opportunity to enjoy all our facilities. To ensure that these facilities are open and available to students, we make certain that they meet all student requirements, including those with special needs.

To learn more about how we cater for students with special needs.

We have a range of cosy and affordable residence options at our Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay campuses. These options range from single and twin rooms with ensuite bathrooms to shared accommodation with communal bathrooms. Accommodation
in private homes in surrounding neighbourhoods is also available for students who prefer to live off-campus.

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