University of Mpumalanga UMP School of Agricultural Sciences

University of Mpumalanga UMP School of Agricultural Sciences

University of Mpumalanga UMP School of Agricultural Sciences – See Details Below:

The School of Agricultural Sciences (SAS) represents the largest School in the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences. It currently offers 10 of the twenty-six programmes available at the University. Our offerings provide diverse training opportunities that include Diploma programmes in Plant or Animal Production, and Advanced Diploma programmes in Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Production Management or Postharvest Technology. We also offer two different Bachelor’s degrees in Agriculture, a Bachelor of Agriculture Honour, and two Master’s degree qualifications.

Our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes offer students opportunities to explore new things in relevant fields thus promoting inter- and trans-disciplinary research.  Plans are underway to increase the School’s footprints in other relevant disciplines within the field of Agriculture based on the needs of the industry and society so as to promote access to higher education and knowledge, and job opportunities amongst South African youths.

The School seeks to contribute meaningfully towards transforming South Africa’s agricultural sector through the training and development of highly skilled, competent and inspired professionals and technicians to drive and provide support for the effective implementation of national agricultural programmes and projects.

Our research activities are focused on promoting increased and sustainable productivity, enhancing youth and women’s participation in agriculture, food security and safety, and sustainable use and conservation of natural resources.

Our teaching and learning goals and outcomes are underpinned by UMP’s vision, mission and values. We provide our students with a range of supports including access to technology-based resources, and fascinating school and industry experiences for basic academic and discipline-specific knowledge and skills to guarantee success.

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