University of Mpumalanga UMP Faculty of Education

University of Mpumalanga UMP Faculty of Education

University of Mpumalanga UMP Faculty of Education – See Details Below:

To teach is to lead. The Faculty of Education educates teachers to lead in African society, in African languages. It currently offers an Under-Graduate Foundation Phase Programme and a Post-Graduate Masters Programme. Much emphasis is placed on multilingualism and mother-tongue education. Exciting plans are in place for expansion through more academic programmes, as well as on Professional Development for local teachers. Research-based teaching and learning is already being applied, with Faculty members committing to excellence in the way they serve their students. The Faculty promotes exemplary teaching, relevant learning and original research in their holistic development of the student. The teachers of today shape the leaders of tomorrow. We trust them with our most valued and loved family members – our children.

The Faculty of Education is committed to producing competent, principled teacher graduates who make an impact in the schools where they choose to lead by serving. They are sent out with the purpose of improving our African society through their knowledge of reflective teaching practice, and the need for social justice. They shape the classroom. They define our greatest resource – the children of South Africa.

In an education situation, the student always comes first. The Faculty lecturers are therefore focused on the students, striving to inspire them to identify with their great calling – to be a Teacher! Content taught is informed by relevance to society today, aligning South Africa’s past with a developing democracy embedded in an ongoing technological revolution. Our future teachers engage with the local schools and community so that the theory taught is practised in the classroom. Moreover, students are challenged to know themselves; to develop critical thinking skills; to take responsibility for their words and actions, and to remain lifelong learners.

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