Southern Africa Bible College Library

Southern Africa Bible College Library


Through prayerful support and the generous financial donations of the faithful, SABC has a magnificent library building. The building was dedicated by Robbie Robinson, elder, and the late Tom Newhouse, chairman of the missions committee, both of the Memorial Church of Christ, as the “Horne-Memorial Library.” The structure houses the library edifice with numerous resources of various types. Hundreds of books and periodicals were collected, purchased or donated by brethren in America and South Africa to fill the shelves. There is also a state-of-the-art security system in place.

Included in the complex is a computer lab where students are taught word processing and an introduction to internet research. Obviously, some students will not be able to utilize this resource after leaving the Bible College since they will be returning to villages where there will be no access to this medium. There is also a book repository and a workshop for processing or repairing books. There is also a strong room (safe) and ample restroom facilities.

The upper floor includes a conference/board room and a chapel for Lectureship classes. On this floor also are the offices of the President, the Director and the Director’s administrative staff.

The decor is typical of Africa. What hunter’s call the “Big Five” are captured on artful tiles that adorn the floors and walls of the foyer. They are the lion as the king of the beasts; the sleek, feline leopard; the majestic rhino; the powerful Cape water buffalo and the undisputed mammoth of the jungle — the elephant. The wonders of the plains of Africa tell the story of God’s majesty in creation. His word, the Bible, tells the story of God’s rescue of a helpless man from the clutches of the “roaring lion” by the Savior, Jesus Christ.

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The Library houses resources help and aids that will help young eager minds to do research and understand God’s message of salvation while admiring His ingenuity in creation. This gives the serious student a quiet place to study and to be exposed to linguistic and textual sources.

The library needs ongoing funding to keep it updated. SABC is deeply indebted to all who have donated books or funds to make this a world-class theological library.