Sol Plaatje University Online Application Form 2023–2024

Sol Plaatje University Online Application Form 2023–2024

Sol Plaatje University has implemented a new online application system for prospective students to apply to study at the institution and there is now no application fee required.

To apply online, students must have a valid email address and use a computer with internet connectivity.

Applications must be completed online as the University will not accept manual applications.

Applicants are encouraged to download and read the Guidelines on how to apply online document before beginning the online application process.

Should applicants encounter difficulties using the online application system, they can send an email message to the Admissions Office at


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I select when asked for Activity Last Year?

If you are currently in Grade 12, select Grade 11 as your activity last year.

If you have completed Grade 12, select the option applicable to you; either Grade 12 learner, employed, unemployed, university student or college student.

How do I search for my Senior Secondary School name?

Use the search option and type in only the first five letters of the name of your school. For example, if you search for Kimberley Boys High School, only type in “KIMBER”. A list of options will appear from which you will choose the appropriate one.

What do I select when asked for my Matriculation Type?

Matriculation type refers to how you passed your matric. As a matriculant, you either pass with a Bachelor, Diploma, or a Higher Certificate pass. Therefore, should you have completed your matric, you can find details of your matriculation type by checking your final statement of results.

If you are currently in Grade 12 you will use your final Grade 11 results as a guide.

Tip: If you passed Grade 11 with mostly Level 4’s or higher, choose the Bachelor’s pass option.

If your marks are mostly Level 3’s, choose the Diploma pass. If most of your marks are lower than Level 3, choose the Certificate pass option. DO NOT select Unknown, Incomplete, or Not Achieved.

If you have completed Grade 12 before 2009, choose either “Cert of Complete Exemption” or “School Leaving Certificate”.

If you are an international applicant, select “School Leaving Certificate”.

What do I fill in where it says Numeric Aggregate?

This section is already populated for you with the number “1”. Please do not change the value.

How do I complete the Schools Attended section?

First search for the name of your school by typing in the first five letters of the name of your school, then selects the correct school.

For the period of attendance section, complete the year and month that you started at that school. For example, for ‘From Year’ you type in 2015 and ‘Month’ 01. This means you started your Grade 8 in January 2015.

Then type in your last year at that high school. For example, ‘To’ will be 2019 and month 12. This means you completed high school in December 2019. Should you currently be in Grade 12, you will input 2020 as the year and 12 as the month. This means you will complete high school in December 2020.

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How do I complete the Enter School Leaving Subjects section?

Click on the search icon for the list of subjects. When searching for English Home Language, for example, search for the main subject description by typing in “ENGLISH”. A list of all English subjects will appear as provided by the Department of Basic Education. You will then select the appropriate English subject as it appears on your report.

The same step must be followed by applicants who completed their matric before 2009. Therefore, the applicant will search for “ENGLISH” then a list of all English subjects will appear after which you will be prompted to select either Higher Grade (HG) or Standard Grade (SG).

What does Pre-Final Year mean?

This refers to your Grade 11 final year results.

What does Mid-Final Year mean?

This refers to your June Grade 12 results.

What does Final Year mean?

This refers to your Matric or Grade 12 final year results.

How do I insert my levels and percentages?

Simply type in the percentages as they appear on your report or statement of results. Then click “SAVE”.

How do I upload my supporting documents?

Click on “CERTIFICATES SEEN” on the left of your screen and choose the documents you want to upload. For example: to upload your Grade 11 report, click on Load/View Document to upload the report. Remember to press “SAVE” after each upload.

If you do not click “SAVE” the document will not be saved and we will not be able to process your application.

How do I ensure that my documents have been successfully uploaded?

After you have saved your documents, click on the Load/View Document. Your uploaded document should appear in the Maintain Documents box with a blue link to your uploaded document. You will be able to view the document when you click on this link.

How do I choose my programme choices?

Click on “SUBMIT APPLICATION” on the left of your screen and search for the programme of your choice.

When searching for degrees, use degree abbreviations without spaces or dots. For example, type in “BED”, “BA” or “BSC” for bachelor degrees.

When searching for certificates, type in “HCERT” for Higher Certificate programmes.

When searching for diplomas, type in “DIP” for diploma programmes.

How do I capture my next of kin’s cell number and home address?

Below the “SUBMIT APPLICATION”, there is a Personal Contact Details and Address Validation link. Clicking on this link will allow you to capture your next of kin details. This information is important in the event of an emergency.

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When I apply, the system says, “ID NUMBER ALREADY EXIST ON SUBSYSTEM”. What does this mean and how do I submit my application?

When you get this message, it means you have applied to study at SPU before and we have your information in our system. You will then go back to the login page and log in as a “Registered User”.

If you have your previous application number, type it in and then click on “Request A Pin”. A pin will be emailed to the email address you applied with previously.

If you have forgotten your application number, click on “Forgot Student Number” located at the bottom of the same block. Your previous application number will be emailed to you.

If your email address has changed from the one that you applied with previously, please email the Admissions Office at to request that they add your new email address to your existing profile.

What documents do I need to apply?

If you are currently in Grade 12, you need two documents to apply:

  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Final Grade 11 results

Should you have completed your Grade 12/matric, you need three documents to apply:

  • An affidavit declaring that you have studied at another higher education institution (university or college). If you never enrolled at a university or college since completing high school, this must be declared in the affidavit.
  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Your final Grade 12 results

If you have studied at another institution, you will need:

  • An official academic transcript and a certificate of conduct from your previous college/university
  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Final Grade 12 results

In this case, you do not need an affidavit to apply.

What documents are required to apply for postgraduate studies?

If you are applying for a postgraduate programme, you must submit the official academic transcript and a copy of the degree or diploma from your previous institution, together with a certified copy of your ID.

Some postgraduate programmes may require a letter of motivation to apply for study. Contact the postgraduate coordinator by using the below School’s email address to check whether or not this document is required.

School of Economic and Management Sciences:

School of Education:

School of Humanities:

School of Natural and Applied Sciences:

NOTE: Should you fail to submit the required documents; this will cause a delay in processing your application since applications without supporting documentation cannot be processed.

How much are the application fee and which banking details must I use to pay the application fee?

There is no application fee required to apply online.

How do I check my application status?

To check your application status, you will have to log back onto the online application system. On the left of your screen, click on “STUDENT ENQUIRY” located at the end of the list, then click on “Academic Admissions Status” to view the status of your application.

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I received an error message and I do not know what it means. What must I do?

In most cases, applicants receive an error message if they attempt to apply using a mobile phone. The online application is not compatible with all mobile phones. Depending on your mobile phone software, you may be able to submit your application successfully.

We, however, recommended that you use a computer to successfully submit your application.

If you receive an error message in the last stage which you have to click on “SUBMIT APPLICATION”, go back to “VIEW APPLICATION RULES” and make sure that you have clicked on the “I AGREE” button located at the bottom of the screen. If you have not agreed to the online application rules, the system will prevent you from submitting the application.

If you still receive an error message, please send a screenshot to for assistance.

I am an international applicant, what documents do I need to apply?

All international applicants must have their qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Matriculation Board. For details on how to apply:

Contact the Matriculation Board:

Tel: 010 591 4401/2

Fax: 086 680 5727



Contact SAQA:

Tel: 012 431 5000

Fax: 012 431 5200

Helpdesk: 086 010 3188



Once you have obtained your evaluation documents from these two bodies, you are ready to start the application process. You will need the following documents to apply:

  • SAQA Evaluation Document
  • Matriculation Board Evaluation Document
  • School Leaving Results
  • Passport

What do I do after receiving a firm offer?

Once you receive a firm offer, you are ready to register in January 2023. The registration dates will be communicated on the University website and on our social media platforms.

On registration day, you will be required to provide proof of funding should you have received financial aid from a bursar. If not, you will need to pay a registration fee using the banking details provided on the firm offer letter. Normally, the registration fee is R5000.

You must also bring an additional certified copy of your ID and your final Grade 12 results in order to register.

When will I receive feedback on my application? 

Applicants will receive feedback on the status of their application four weeks after submitting their applications. Note, in some instances, applicants can receive their admission status earlier if all the required documents were submitted as required.