SAWC-Application Process

SAWC-Application Process

The Application Process


Identify the course you want to apply for

Use our website or contact us to identify the right course for you.


Check that you meet the prerequisites

Make sure you qualify to enrol on the course of interest by checking the necessary requirements and prerequisites available for that course on our website.


Request an application form

Locate your course of interest on our website and click the enquire link for the specific application form for that course.


Fill out the application form

You will be able to download the right application form from the course outline on our website. Make sure you fill in the form according to the instructions provided on the form.


Gather supporting documents

You will need to provide a letter of motivation, certified copy of educational qualifications, certified copy of identity document, certified medical certificate, updated CV and any other documents specified in your application form.


Submit application form

Upload the completed application form and accompanying documents.  All correctly filled-out and submitted application forms will be reviewed and subject to a selection process. Once your application has been reviewed you will be notified.  Please await our response.