Red and Yellow School Bursary

Red and Yellow School Bursary


Red & Yellow’s reputation as a Creative School of Business is strongly underpinned by its commitment to a social promise, which ensures that at least 10% of all students have bursaries for full-time studies at our Cape Town campus. 2019 boasted a glowing 15% of students who are supported by bursaries and this number was even higher in 2020.

Bursaries are for programmes including a 3-year BA Degree in Visual Communication, a 3-year BCom Degree in Marketing, a 1-year Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications, a 1-year Advanced Diploma in user-centred Design, a 2-year online part-time Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing and two 1-year Certificate programmes (Creating Digital Content or Graphic Design).

Red & Yellow’s bursary offering is available only to South African citizens and allows a broad range of students to apply regardless of their background or circumstances. “This bursary has given me the opportunity to choose where I’m going – it’s helped me see opportunities I previously would have missed,” said a 2018 bursary student.

Please note that Bursary applications have now closed for the 2021 academic year. But you can still take advantage of the 2 great initiatives below. There’s still a chance to secure your seat!


Bursaries have the potential to assist South Africa in growing its economy, tackling unemployment and addressing employment equity. From a personal standpoint, they offer the opportunity to transform lives and also improve the lives of families and local communities.

Why sponsor a bursary?


Not only do bursaries offer immense tangible benefits to the individuals who are lucky enough to be awarded them, but they are also an efficient way for companies to reach their Skills Development targets.

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Under the current proposed new Skills Development targets in the B-BBEE Codes, a total of 4 points has been set aside solely for bursaries for black students at Higher Education Institutions, like Red & Yellow.

Bursary Programme Download

Download the 2022 Red & Yellow Bursary Programme by following this link.

Bursary success stories


Our social promise is that at least 10% of our full-time students don’t have to pay for their fees, with their education funded entirely through bursaries. This year, we’re proud to say that 15% of our students were supported by bursaries.

Because of this, we’ve greatly impacted the lives of numerous talented individuals.


The students we got from Red & Yellow have been high quality and their attitudes have been outstanding. I was impressed by the diversity of the students as it will assist my organisation in the long run when we report for our EE numbers with the Department of Labour.

 – Dorcas Phakoe,  Senior Resourcing Consultant at Absa


Over the last few years we have gained a partnership with the team at Red & Yellow for some of our training needs. The team at Red & Yellow are always available and even if you aren’t sure of the right person to contact, anyone at Red & Yellow will go out of their way to assist you. I have yet to come across someone employed at Red & Yellow who is not proactive, efficient and professional. The team at Red & Yellow also understands our business needs and accommodate us wherever possible, they are even open to tailoring making a solution for your business. I would highly recommend Red & Yellow Creative School of Business for a training solution to any company out there.

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– Kerry-Ann Brown, Human Resource Manager at TBWA


Click here to download the 2022 Red & Yellow Bursary Programme, fill in the form below to get more information and get in touch with one of our corporate training advisors.