Open Window Institute Postgraduate Programme

Open Window Institute Postgraduate Programme


Bachelor of Arts Honours in Visual Communication

NQF Level 8 | SAQA ID: 62991

  • Open Window’s Bachelor of Arts Honours in Visual Communication,  is offered at an NQF level 8 and consists of 120 credits. 

The duration of this programme is one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. The programme is tailored to allow the student to investigate a specific area of specialisation related to the fields of Visual Communication Design, Creative Technology or Film Arts, in an independent manner. 

The course emphasises proficiency in scholarly research practice and a mastery of the relevant creative praxis. Postgraduate scholarly abilities, theoretical knowledge and research skills culminate in a research report. The development of practical abilities, skills and techniques suitable to a specific concept of research results in a body of work that is showcased at the end of the degree programme. 

Possible areas of expertise include Communication Design, Illustration, Photography, Film & TV, Sound Design, Production Design,  Screen Acting, Screenwriting,  Motion Design,  3D Animation, Game Design, Interaction Design, Interactive Development and 3D Design.


1 Year Duration, NQF Level 8 (120 credits)