Moi University Law School

Moi University Law School

Moi University Law School – Details:

In July 1994, Moi University, in concert with the clarion call of the Mackay Report of 1981, established a Faculty of Law, which later matured into a School.  This bold step was taken with particular interest in promoting “social justice” and expanding educational opportunities for Kenyans.

The first groups of students were admitted in September of the same year, with a teaching staff establishment of three.  Since then, the student number has risen to one thousand plus.

The School’s location in the prime farmlands of Rift Valley offers a serene environment conducive for learning.  Only 5 km from Eldoret town along the Eldoret-Nakuru highway it is easily accessible to students from across the Eastern Africa region.  With a student population of about 1700 from diverse backgrounds the school provides a vibrant crucible for the synthesis of ideas.  The School has modern lecture halls and seminar rooms and a well-equipped law library with internet access.  Catering services are provided by the student cafeteria at subsidized rates although alternative establishments exist within walking distance.

Today, the School of Law is proud of being the first and perhaps the only School of Law in the country to adopt a clinical approach to the teaching of law.  Students are exposed to a more practical as opposed to theoretical teaching methodology.  This is mainly through the use of simulations, moot courts and clinical externships and seminars.  The School has been a regular participant in both international and local moot court competitions. These include: The All Africa Human Rights Moot Court, The African Trade Moot, The East African International Law Moot, and The International Humanitarian Law Moot.

Our students participate in a judicial attachment program at the end of their 2nd Year of study. The attachment provides a link between the formative years of legal training and the more concrete clinical oriented phase in the 3rd and 4th year of study.

The School of Law is headed by a Dean who is the Administrative and Academic Head of the School.  Assisting the Dean on day-to-day administrative matters are four Heads of Departments and two Administrative Assistants.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

The School offers four (4) year undergraduate programme in the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree.
To qualify for admission, applicant must have attained:-

  1. Mean grade of C+ in KCSE and at least B (plain) in English; or
  2. KACE: at least 2 principals and a subsidiary; or
  3. A first degree in any other discipline.

The application forms may be obtained from the University’s website

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The Moi University Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) program is a four year degree course. Upon being conferred the degree however, students will still be required to attend the one year pupilage cum council of Legal Education training at the Kenya School of Law, leading to the award of the Diploma in Law, if they wish to practice as Advocates of the High Court of Kenya

First Year

First Semester

Semester I

Course Code Course Title Units

FLB 100

Social Foundations of Law


FLB 101

Principles of Criminal Law

FLB 102

Legal research Methods and Writing

FLB 103

Principles of Contract Law

FLB 104

Law of Torts

FLB 105

Constitutional Theory

FLB 106

Critical Thinking and Writing


Second Semester

Semester II

Course Code Course Title Units
IRD 102 Communication Skills II (r) 3
IRD 104 Quantitative Skills II (r) 3
FLB 104 Principles of Tort Law (c) 3
FLB 105 Legal Systems (r) 3
FLB 106 Critical Thinking and Writing (r) 3
FLB 107 Contracts II (c) 3
FLB 108 Criminal Law (r) 3

Second Year

First Semester

Semester I

Course Code Course Title Units
IRD 200 State, Society and Development (r) 3
FLB 200 Civil Procedure I (c) 3
FLB 201 Criminal Procedure (r) 3
FLB 202 Evidence I (r) 3
FLB 203 Constitutional Law (c) 3
FLB 204 Legal Problems and Client Counselling (r) 3
FLB 205 Family Law (r) 3

Second Semester

Semester II

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 206 Civil Procedure II (r) 3
FLB 207 Evidence II (r) 3
FLB 208 Professional Ethics and Professional Responsibility (r) 3
FLB 209 Sale of Goods and Agency (r) 3
FLB 210 Legal Analysis and Alternative Dispute Resolution (r) 3
FLB 211 Law of Succession (r) 3
FLB 212 Customary Law (r) 3
FLB 213 Judicial Attachment 3

Third Year

First Semester

Semester I

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 300 Property (c) 3
FLB 301 Equity (r) 3
FLB 302 Administrative Law (c) 3
FLB 303 Trial Advocacy (r) 3
FLB 304 Commercial Law (r) 3

And any TWO of the following:

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 305 Banking Law (e) 3
FLB 306 Islamic Law (e) 3
FLB 307 Public International Law (e) 3
FLB 308 Disability Law (e) 3
FLB 309 Information and Law (e) 3

Second Semester

Semester II

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 310 Proprietary Rights and Transactions (r) 3
FLB 311 Environmental and Natural Resources Law (r) 3
FLB 312 The Law of Business Associations (r) 3
FLB 313 Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (r) 3
FLB 314 Concentration or Clinical Substantive Law Seminar (r) 3

And any TWO of the following:

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 315 Advanced Legal Writing and Advocacy (e) 3
FLB 316 Co-operatives and Partnerships (e) 3
FLB 317 Insurance Law (e) 3
FLB 318 Gender and the Law (e) 3
    • Fourth Year
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First Semester

Semester I

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 400 Research Paper (r) 3
FLB 401 Concentration or Clinical Seminar I (r) 3
FLB 402 Concentration or Clinical Externship I (r) 5
FLB 403 Tax Law (r) 3

And any TWO of the following:

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 404 Accounting for Lawyers (e) 3
FLB 405 Labour Law (e) 3
FLB 406 White Collar and Corporate Crime (e) 3
FLB 407 Law of the Sea (e) 3
FLB 408 Comparative Legal Systems: East Africa (e) 3

Second Semester

Semester II

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 409 Jurisprudence (r) 3
FLB 410 Concentration or Clinical Seminar II (r) 3
FLB 411 Concentration or Clinical Externship II (r) 5

And any THREE of the following:

Course Code Course Title Units
FLB 412 International Commercial Transactions (e) 3
FLB 413 Children and the Law (e) 3
FLB 414 International Dispute Resolution (e) 3
FLB 415 Bankruptcy Law (e) 3
FLB 416 Conflicts of Law (e) 3
FLB 417 Health Law (e) 3
FLB 418 International Humanitarian Law 3

Grading Scale

Degree are classified

Degree are classified into first class honours, second class honours (upper division) second class honours (lower division) and pass.

The degree shall be graded as follows;

Class Mark range in % Grade
First Class 70-100 A
Second Class honours (upper division) 60-69 B
Second Class honours (lower division) 50-59 C
Pass 40-49 C

For the purpose of the degree classification, all marks in all years shall be considered unless otherwise approved by Senate.

The Dean, Moi University School of Law,
Town Campus (Annex Campus),
P.O. Box 1948 – 30100,
Eldoret – Kenya.

Phone: 0790 851 000



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