Maseno University PhD Fee Structure 2022/2023

Maseno University PhD Fee Structure 2022/2023

Maseno University PhD Fee Structure | Maseno University has released their PhD tuition Fees for 2022…see details below.





ITEMS Kenyans (Kshs) Non- Kenyan (US$) Kenyans (Kshs) Non-Kenyans (US$)
Registration 2,500 50 2,500 50

Student ID Card

500 10 500 10
Examination 20,000 400 20,000 400
Supervision 35,000 700 35,000 700
Computer time/Library * 20,000 400 20,000 400
Field/Laboratory** 50,000 1,000 50,000 1,000
Caution Money 5,000 100 5,000 100


133,000 2660 133,000 2660

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Tuition Fees are charged at the rate of Kshs 4,000.00 per unit for Kenyans and US$ 90 for Non- Kenyans.

1 15 90,000 1,350 90,000 1,350
2 18 108,000 1,620 108,000 1,620
3 9 54,000 810 54,000 810
Sub- Total 42 252,000 3,780 252,000 3,780
Grand-total *** 385,000 6,440 385,000 6,440




  Kenyans KSHS Non- Kenyans US$ Kenyans KSHS. Non- Kenyans US$
1st year 1stsemester 80,000 1,500 80,000 1,500
1st year 2ndSemester 80,000 1,500 80,000 1,500
2nd year 1stsemester 80,000 1,500 80,000 1,500
2nd year 2ndsemester 60,000 700 60,000 700
3rd year 1stsemester 50,000 700 50,000 700
3rd year 2ndsemester 35,000 540 35,000 540
TOTAL   385,000 6,440 385,000 6,440

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*     Computer time-library money will go to the IRPS Library/Resource Centre and will be used for buying and servicing computer hardware and software, internet connection, journal subscriptions and buying other common learning resources and equipment.  Students will be free to use the IRPS library/Resource centre library services but pay for printing.

**   Students will be required to raise up to350, 000 (Social Sciences and Humanities) and up to Kshs. 500,000 (Science-based programmes) for their book allowance, projects/thesis research and thesis preparation based on their proposed budget.

*** In addition to the fees, students must provide for their own living and medical expenses.  The applicants

are advised to make personal arrangements to finance their studies by seeking sponsorship

from donors or from their employers and research fellowships to help them carry out.

Maseno University PhD Fee Structure 2022/2023

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