Lyceum College Distance Learning

Lyceum College Distance Learning


Our Online programmes are facilitated by highly qualified, industry knowledgeable Online Academic Tutors (OATs). Students are assisted with content and assessments by real people making online learning a rich experience.

Studying online is supported by dedicated Student Success Coordinators (SCCs) to assist you in the Learning Centre with your programme progress, online, in real-time, getting help where and when it’s required to advance with fortitude.

You participate in a modern pedagogy curated to aid comprehension and retention of real knowledge. Our student-centred supported approach ensures that your online learning experience results in your academic success.

Experience a modern pedagogy of enjoyable and educational academic progress with our online programmes. Lyceum Online allows an individual the opportunity to acquire a full qualification – either a degree and/ or diploma. Online learning extends our programmes through a modernised pedagogy of e-Learning that combines high-quality content with effective online learning. This innovation produces an enjoyable, flexible, and rewarding learning experience.

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