ITRISA Short Courses

ITRISA Short Courses

ITRISA conducts short, face-to-face training courses and workshops, covering a variety of export- and import-related topics, both for those with no previous export/import experience and those wanting to keep abreast of the latest trends and applications.

The widest range of public short courses and workshops are conducted in Johannesburg where the concentration of exporters and importers is the greatest.  A series of combined export/import courses, however, are also run on a regular basis in DurbanPort Elizabeth and Cape Town.  Other specific courses may also be available at the coastal centres dependent on demand.

In response to growing demand, ITRISA provides customised training in-company in addition to its scheduled public training courses.  In-house training is available in all provinces and in other countries.  It is a convenient option for an organisation that is committed to staff development and looking for practical solutions to the real problems and challenges it faces in its international business dealings.

ITRISA is able to tailor-make a course, drawing from a range of possible topics to an organisation’s specific requirements and schedule training sessions at mutually agreed times.

From time to time, ITRISA is also asked by entities such as chambers of commerce, banks and government agencies to conduct courses/workshops for their members or clients. As with in-company training, specific topics are agreed upon in advance and a presentation format is selected to suit the audience in question.


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