Helderberg College Prospectus

Helderberg College Prospectus

As a private institution, Helderberg College reserves the right to deny admission
and/or continuance to individuals who have clearly demonstrated that their
continued enrolment would not serve their best interest or that of the College.
At the end of each semester, the Office of Student Services reserves the right to
review the citizenship records of students who have demonstrated a pattern of
irresponsibility in meeting college guidelines and who have manifested a spirit of
unwillingness to comply with such guidelines. The purpose of the review is to
determine the eligibility of those students for readmission or continuance.
The review process begins when the Residence Hall Deans review the citizenship
records of all residence hall occupants. This review will identify students whose
records indicate non-compliance. The Residence Hall Deans will then meet with
the student to discuss his/her non-compliance and advise him/her that his/her
continuance at Helderberg College is in jeopardy. The Resident Hall Dean will
discuss his/her recommendation with the student, give the student a copy of the
recommendation, and forward a copy of that recommendation to the Office of
Student Services.



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