Eta College Bursaries

Eta College Bursaries


This policy provides the rules and guidelines relating to the awarding of bursaries.
Because bursaries form part of our social responsibility policy this represents eta’s
commitment to social responsibility. Our organisation has grown over the past 15 years
and it seeks to give back to communities by offering bursaries to deserving candidates.
Social responsibility is also a component of our broad-based black economic
empowerment (BBBEE) policy.
eta College has a bursary policy that makes provision for two differing student types:

• Bursaries for black applicants, from historically disadvantaged backgrounds who can
show that they are unable to afford their fees.
• Bursaries for applicants who have a high profile or represent an important sporting
code or club.


2.1 Bursaries awarded to individuals from group 1:
Group 1 candidates are historically disadvantaged black applicants who will be
given higher consideration than the sport of fitness or high profile applicants (group
2 below). Group 1 candidates are also required to complete a certain amount of
their workplace hours on campus, contributing to marketing and operational
activities while learning “on the job”.

2.2 Bursaries awarded to individuals from group 2:

Group 2 candidates represent the importance of partnering with influential
individuals and organisations and using this relationship to generate valuable
publicity and exposure for the eta College brand. These candidates will be required
to make at least four appearances during their year of study. These could be, for
example, photo shoots, graduation ceremonies, guest lectures or other promotional
happenings. eta also reserves the right to publicise these individuals as graduates
of eta College and to use an agreed photograph to publicise this.

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For first-level screening, applications are submitted to the eta region where the applicant
wishes to study. Recommendations are then submitted to the Bursary Committee at eta
National Office by the regional Campus Manager. The National Bursary Executive

Policies and Procedures
Originally created: 06/2003 – 3 –
The committee is responsible for the final screening and selection. All regional bursary
applications must be submitted to the National Operations Manager before the final
screening deadline each year.
The Bursary Committee makes a final decision on the best candidates per region and
final applicants are signed off by CEO, Dr S. Harris.

Procedure: Refer to the Bursary procedure for applications