The Swiss Hotel School South Africa Higher Certificate in Pastry & Bakery

The Swiss Hotel School South Africa Higher Certificate in Pastry & Bakery

For professional career upgraders + a few hobbyists who may like all or part of the programme.

Driven by substantial TV exposure, the Pastry and Bakery Sector has been one of the most buoyant in recent years. Top retailers have invested in on-premise bakeries, niched patisseries and artisanal bread shops have sprung up in many suburbs, all focussed on producing fresh, high-quality products.


Restaurants compete in delivering fantastic and innovative desserts to wow guests and be shared on social media. Exceptional skill in this area ensures employment opportunities at home and abroad and the foundation for future “own business” development.


This programme has been re-engineered to allow working professionals to participate. Delivered one full day per week over 18 months the programme comprises theory sessions in the classroom and the application of these theories in purpose-designed training kitchens. Subject matter permitting some of the theory lessons will also be delivered using online / distance learning methodologies.


Of all kitchen disciplines, pastry work is notoriously challenging requiring precision in timing and measurement. Learn the science and the art to produce consistent products. Unlike similar offerings the SHS programme goes beyond the promotion of artisanal excellence and puts great effort in business aspects of the craft – commercial sustainability being a necessary emphasis in this post-Covid era.


Consistent with the programmes stated exit level outcomes all modules are assessed in theoretical and practical exams. NB For hobbyists and others with specific interests, participation in individual modules may be possible subject to numbers.

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Entry Requirements:

• National Senior Certificate
• Minimum two years experience in a commercial bakery or kitchen
• Previous qualification in Culinary Arts (Preferred)