St John Vianney Seminary Tuition Fees

St John Vianney Seminary Tuition Fees


ST JOHN VIANNEY SEMINARY NPC FEE STRUCTURE [Tuition Fees are payable annually in advance]
2022-2023 TUITION FEES
Internal/Residential Students
(Full Board and Lodging)
Annual R 82 390.00 R 76 290.00
Semester R 41 195.00 R 38 150.00

External Students
(Day Students)
Annual R 33 070.00 R 30 620.00
Semester R 16 535.00 R 15 310.00

Internship Students
Semester R 3 410.00 R 3 160.00

1) Transcripts for Alumni (Per Programme) R300.00 R300.00
2) Examination Remark (For the Marker) R200.00 R200.00
3) Scanning Examination Scripts R50.00 R50.00


The tuition fee structure applies to every course, irrespective of the year of study, with the following exceptions:
3.1.1 The 3rd Year Theology students do not pay for the 1st semester but pay an Internship fee of R 3 160.00.
3.1.2 The 5th Year Theology students do not pay for the second semester.


The following procedures have been adopted for both residential and day students:
3.2.1 Cancellation of Registration before the commencement of lectures:
All cancellations of students’ who registered for lectures must be done before the opening day of the semester in order to be freed from financial obligations. The notice of cancellation must reach the President’s office and a copy to the Financial Administrator.
3.2.2 Withdrawal from the Seminary after commencement of the lectures: To withdraw a student from the seminary, the Bishop or Religious Superior needs to submit a letter of request to the President to withdraw the student, stating the reasons for the withdrawal. No fee will be charged if the withdrawal is done within the first week of lectures for that semester. Fees will be charged as follows for withdrawal from the second week to the eighth week of lectures: Second week 20% Fourth week 40% Sixth week 60% Eighth week 80% After Eighth week NO Refund

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