Potchefstroom Academy Campus Online

Potchefstroom Academy Campus Online



Our campus is conveniently situated and within walking distance from all the Academy’s residence facilities, nearby shopping malls, sport and recreation facilities and restaurants. Safe parking is available at the residences and next to the campus. The idyllic campus provides spaces for collaborative interaction, formal classes, research, and a stylish in-house cafeteria for downtime.


Computer Rooms with industry-related hardware and software for each discipline. The computer rooms are equipped with all necessary equipment such as printers, plotters, scanners, photocopiers and internet facilities.

Media Centre is available for students, with over 1000 books and subject magazines. Emphasis is on the expertise that is necessary for academic success and development. Also available in a variety of reference books and subscriptions to various journals, periodicals, videos, product CD’s & DVDs. Binding and laminating machines are available to provide professional project presentations.

A fully equipped Photography Studio including photographic lights, reflectors, stands, backdrops and various accessories within a creative space for students to complete their assignments and work-integrated learning.

Workstations for Hairdressers and Therapists are well equipped for both theoretical and practical use.

Spa Training Facilities for third-year students include a Floatation tank, Wet-beds, Vichy shower, etc.

CanTina is our campus cafeteria providing students with a variety of fresh, well-balanced meals daily.

Wellness Centre is our fully equipped in-house training facility for Health and Skincare, Somatology, Cosmetology and the Therapeutic modalities under the watchful eye of the Salon Manager and Lecturers.

Hair trends are our fully equipped in-house Hairdressing Salon. It is open to the public and personnel include lecturers, apprentices and qualified hairdressers.