NBT Test Dates and Venues

NBT Test Dates and Venues

Test Dates and Venues

Download the intake cycle test dates.

Download combined Test Dates and Venues

Please note that all venues and test dates are subject to change.


NBT Test Dates Last Day to Register Online Last Day to Pay Fees Results Available to Institutions Results Available to Writers
21-May-22 1-May-22 8-May-22 13-Jun-22 20-Jun-22
4-Jun-22 15-May-22 22-May-22 27-Jun-22 4-Jul-22
*05-Jun-22 15-May-22 22-May-22 27-Jun-22 4-Jul-22
18-Jun-22 29-May-22 5-Jun-22 11-Jul-22 18-Jul-22
*19-Jun-22 29-May-22 5-Jun-22 11-Jul-22 18-Jul-22
25-Jun-22 5-Jun-22 12-Jun-22 18-Jul-22 25-Jul-22
**01-Jul-22 12-Jun-22 19-Jun-22 25-Jul-22 1-Aug-22
2-Jul-22 12-Jun-22 19-Jun-22 25-Jul-22 1-Aug-22
22-Jul-22 26-Jun-22 3-Jul-22 8-Aug-22 15-Aug-22
*23-Jul-22 26-Jun-22 3-Jul-22 8-Aug-22 15-Aug-22
30-Jul-22 10-Jul-22 23-Jul-22 22-Aug-22 29-Aug-22
13-Aug-22 24-Jul-22 31-Jul-22 5-Sep-22 12-Sep-22
*14-Aug-22 24-Jul-22 31-Jul-22 5-Sep-22 13-Sep-22
27-Aug-22 7-Aug-22 14-Aug-22 19-Sep-22 26-Sep-22
10-Sep-22 21-Aug-22 28-Aug-22 3-Oct-22 10-Oct-22
23-Sep-22 28-Aug-22 4-Sep-22 10-Oct-22 23-Oct-22
1-Oct-22 11-Sep-22 18-Sep-22 24-Oct-22 31-Oct-22
8-Oct-22 18-Sep-22 25-Sep-22 31-Oct-22 7-Nov-22
*9-Oct-22 18-Sep-22 25-Sep-22 31-Oct-22 7-Nov-22
15-Oct-22 30-Sep-22 2-Oct-22 7-Nov-22 14-Nov-22
26-Nov-22 6-Nov-22 13-Nov-22 14-Dec-22 14-Dec-22
3-Dec-22 13-Nov-22 20-Nov-22 19-Dec-22 19-Dec-22
*04-Dec-22 13-Nov-22 20-Nov-22 19-Dec-22 19-Dec-22
**06-Jan-23 18-Dec-22 18-Dec-22 30-Jan-23 6-Feb-23
7-Jan-23 18-Dec-22 18-Dec-22 30-Jan-23 6-Feb-23
*Sunday test session **Friday test session


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