Mangosuthu University Of Technology Fees Structure

Mangosuthu University Of Technology Fees Structure

Please note:
This student fee guide sets out the rules and regulations regarding student fees and is aimed at
assisting students in understanding these rules and regulations and the payment options available to
them so that their student fees are managed in a responsible manner. The University has to balance
the increasing financial needs of students against the diminishing financial resources of MUT. These
rules and regulations apply to all students registered with the Mangosuthu University of Technology.

The information in this publication is subject to change. The Mangosuthu University of Technology accepts
no liability of any nature whatsoever, now or in the future, for any damage sustained as a result of
such change. The rules, regulations, policies and procedures, as amended from time to time, which
are in force on the date of a student’s registration at MUT, are applicable to that student.


a) All fees are payable in full, irrespective of whether the academic programme is interrupted by
factors beyond the University’s control, e.g. strikes, student boycotts, civil unrest, or other
disruption on campus. Full fees are payable in the case of suspension or expulsion of a student
resulting from any disciplinary measures

b) Students who have outstanding balances from the previous year, or students who have not,
by due date paid the required registration deposit for the current year, will not be permitted to
register unless the registration deposit has been paid in full and the student has complied with
“Student Concessions” for dealing with arrear balances as set out in section 2.

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c) Students who are indebted in any manner to the University will have their degree or diploma
certificate withheld. However, such students will be provided with their academic record and
clearance letters upon signing an “Acknowledgement of Debt” and making payment
arrangements with the University.

d) Students who are indebted in any manner to the University wishing to graduate will be allowed
to do so provided they settle their outstanding fees in full or make payments towards their fees
by making a payment arrangements with the University.

e) Electronic fee statements will be emailed to the student’s university email address periodically.
By virtue of the student registering, the student, parent, guardian or surety accepts
responsibility for payment of all fees by the due dates. It is the responsibility of the student to
inform the University of his/her correct residential and postal address or changes thereto and
to make enquiries regarding the fee account timeously.

f) All students are required to provide the University with valid bank account details for refund
purposes. Refund request forms may be collected from the Cashiers office on the main
campus. Bank and other charges arising from incorrect details provided will be billed to the
student’s account.

g) Any deposit to be refunded is transferred to the student’s fees account. If the fee account
shows an outstanding balance, the refund is credited to that account. If the tuition fee account
shows a credit balance, the student concerned must apply for the refund to be paid into
his/her account by completing the prescribed form. If there has been an application for the refund
of a particular deposit after a period of 12 months, the deposit is forfeited.

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h) Students, parents, guardians and/or sureties in breach of these terms and conditions shall be
liable to pay all legal costs incurred by the University as a result thereof, based on the
prevailing attorney and client rate, in consequence of which their details may be forwarded to
credit rating bureaus.

i) If students fail to register on the specified date, the student would be permitted to register on
the prescribed days for late registration and would be required to pay a late registration

j) Students are urged to acquaint themselves with the requirements governing withdrawal from
the University and/or Residence and the cancellation of modules.