IMM Graduate School of Marketing Courses Offered

IMM Graduate School of Marketing Courses Offered

What we offer

The IMM Graduate School is a reputable and stable provider of higher education and delivers all relevant teaching, learning, and support materials necessary to offer a comprehensive selection of programmes and qualifications in marketing, supply chain, and business management.

The IMM Graduate School has an esteemed history of assessing, delivering and conferring a range of top quality, globally recognised certificates, diplomas and degrees of the highest academic integrity.

Our excellent outcomes-based education curriculum allows you to study by means of distance learning. If, however, you wish to supplement your distance learning by receiving academic support, you can elect to attend tutorials at one of the IMM Graduate School Student Support Centres situated throughout South Africa.


The Higher Certificate in Marketing is offered as a basic entry-level marketing qualification at level 5 of the NQF (HEQSF aligned) and consists of 135 credits.

The Higher Certificate in Marketing can be completed within a minimum of one year and must be completed within four years.

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