Cornerstone Institute Online Registration 2023-2024

Cornerstone Institute Online Registration 2023-2024


In order to register students must be in possession of an Acceptance Letter, the modules they would like to register for (refer to Curriculum grid or yearbook).

Once Registration is open, you can register via by logging into the Student Portal.

To expedite the process please ensure that you include the Proof of payment of the Initial payment fee (R5000).

Your form will go through the following process:

  1. Capturing the information on our student portal
  2. Finance check
  3. Module check
  4. Final check and issuing of proof of registration
  5. Thereafter the modules will be captured on Funda

Students are responsible for ensuring that they select the correct modules and the Institution will not be held responsible for incorrect choices of the student.

Amendments can only be made during the amendments period (the first two weeks of the Semester), so please ensure that when you register you select the correct modules.

Part-time needs to register for 60 – 80 credits per year and full-time for approximately 136 credits.

Your registration will be processed and you will receive Proof of Registration. Please check the proof of registration to ensure that you have registered for the correct modules. Once your modules are available on Funda please check that the modules correspond with the Proof of Registration received.

Registration will be open for 2023 from 16 August 2023.

Registration forms

  • 2023 BA with Alternative Education Major Grid, link
  • 2023 BA with Alternative Education 2, link
  • 2023 BA Psychology I, link
  • 2023 BA Psychology II, link
  • 2023 BA Psychology III, link
  • 2023 BA NDP, link
  • 2023 BTh Chris Min with Business Studies, link
  • 2023 BTh Chris Min with Media Studies, link
  • 2023 BTh Christian Ministry, link
  • 2023 BTh Community Development, link
  • 2023 BTh Psychology, link
  • 2023 HCBS, link
  • 2023 HCCC 1, link
  • 2023 HCCD 2 years, link
  • 2023 HCCM 1 YEAR, link
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  • 2023 PGCE FP Curriculum Grid, link
  • 2023 PGCE IP Curriculum Grid, link
  • 2023 BA Media Studies I, link
  • 2023 BA Media Studies II, link
  • 2023 BA Sociology I, link
  • 2023 BA Sociology II, link
  • 2023 BA Theology I, link
  • 2023 BA Theology II, link
  • 2023 BCom Year I, link
  • 2023 BCom Year II, link
  • 2023 BA Hons, link

To help you plan your studies, be aware that each credit takes 10 hours of work. So if a module is worth 12 credits, it will take you 120 hours to complete, which includes lectures, readings, research, assignments etc. If you are not working and are dedicating your time to your studies, a full load for a year is 120 to 130 credits.  If you are working full-time you might struggle to take more than 60 to 70 credits in a year.

Please check our website for the programme you are taking so that you can see all the modules that the programme is comprised.

For more details, see the Yearbook on the website under the drop-down “Student Information”.